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Study on bioavailability

Herbal yeast promotes the absorption of micronutrients

Based on a recognised in-vitro model, the results of this study showed that fermented herbal yeast considerably improves the uptake of micronutrients such as magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin B1. The average values of the test series with micronutrients in combination with herbal yeast were 6 (iron) to 10 (vitamin B1) times higher than the average values for the controls with the micronutrients alone. All the tested micronutrients confirm the hypothesis put at the beginning that herbal yeast as a carrier has a positive influence on the absorption of the investigated vital substances. It can therefore be assumed that other vital substances are also absorbed to a higher degree.
Engelhart-Jentzsch K. et al., Plasmolysed herbal yeast (Strath®) improves micronutrient bioavailability: An in vitro study using Caco-2 intestinal epithelial cells, Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech - vol. 29(2) March/April 2018

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