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Strahlentherapie, Chemotherapie, Rekonvaleszenz

Studies on radiotherapy/chemotherapy/reconvalescence

Herbal yeast has a positive influence on quality of life factors

An open, self-referred, non-randomised study with over 40 cancer patients receiving systemic chemotherapy was conducted in a group oncology practice. Seven pairs (one partner with herbal yeast and one without), with comparable diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, gender and age, were analysed in the final evaluation. The aim of the study was to discover whether plasmolysed herbal yeast has a positive influence on the quality of life of cancer patients during oncological systemic therapy. The herbal yeast group had better results in six of the nine symptom scales relating to clinically relevant changes, including, for example, malaise, fatigue, sleep and loss of appetite.
Huber U., Joller P., Supportive treatment with an herbal yeast product during oncological systemic therapy; field trial in an oncology group practice regarding quality of life, Schweizer Krebsbulletin, No. 4, 2011

In a study with 177 cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment, it was demonstrated that an herbal yeast product taken during and after the therapy yielded improvements in physical activity, appetite and weight parameters, and haemoglobin concentration. Herbal yeast products strengthen the body during convalescence after surgery or illness. They also normalise bodily functions (homoeostasis) and improve quality of life.
Schwarzenbach F. H., Brunner K. W., Natural food supplement during convalescence. Double-blind study with an herbal yeast product (Bio-Strath) of 177 cancer patients receiving radiation therapy, Schweizerische Zschr. GanzheitsMedizin 1996; 8 (6): 266–273

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