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Learn everything from the production to the effect of the products.
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Strath products are also available in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores.

Our products

Take a look behind the scenes at Bio-Strath and get to know us. For everything else, contact us.

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Welcome to

Natural since 1961

Who we are

For over 60 years, we have been producing food supplements based on the unique Strath herbal yeast in Zurich. With great pleasure and commitment, we work every day to produce the best quality products and nutritional supplements according to GMP guidelines (good manufacturing practice). Natural raw materials, gentle processing according to the latest standards and processes, and compliance with strict manufacturing guidelines form the basis for this.

David Pestalozzi, CEO

Our guiding principle

"Professional competence, innovative action and committed work."

A harmonious combination of head, hand and heart - are the guiding principle of Bio-Strath, which is still independent of large corporations and focuses on healthy, rather than rapid, growth.

David Pestalozzi, CEO


What matters to us

With the natural and high-quality Strath products, we want to improve people's well-being and thus their quality of life.

In doing so, we rely on

  • natural ingredients
  • natural shelf life without preservatives
  • proof of efficacy according to scientific criteria

A family business on course

Over 60 years of experience explained in 9 minutes

Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials, with gentle processing and responsible use of natural resources. The result is effective nutritional supplements that people around the world rely on day after day to enhance their well-being.

Quality and product safety

Quality is the key to success

The challenge is to combine valuable, natural products with the highest quality and product safety.
Bettina Hofstetter, Pharmacist, Specialist
This means that we rely on state-of-the-art standards and processes while adhering to strict manufacturing guidelines.
Sladjan Paunovic, Production Manager

From production to shipment

Many years of experience and a great deal of know-how ensure that the Bio-Strath products leave the company in top quality and reach specialised trade. Take a look at our production facility and experience the filling of Strath liquid. The "Dave" filling machine can fill over 3000 bottles per hour. The bottles are then labelled and packed into folding boxes. They are then automatically packed into shipping cartons and palletised. Now Strath liquid is ready for worldwide shipping.

The production team of Bio-Strath AG
1 / 7 The production team of Bio-Strath AG
The production team of Bio-Strath AG
2 / 7 In a first step, the yeast is "fed" with selected herbal extracts.
The production team of Bio-Strath AG
3 / 7 The herbal yeast is then fermented in the fermentation tanks.
The production team of Bio-Strath AG
4 / 7 This fermentation process takes a few weeks.
The production team of Bio-Strath AG
5 / 7 A quick check of the tanks - it looks good!
The production team of Bio-Strath AG
6 / 7 The herbal yeast is ready for bottling.
The production team of Bio-Strath AG
7 / 7 Screw on the lid, stick on the labels and the Strath product is ready.