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Naturally in balance

Homeostasis – it’s all about balance!

Homeostasis is the basis for a healthy and vital body - But what do we actually mean by homeostasis, how does it get out of joint and how does herbal yeast support it?
*Author: Lorena Sprecher, druggist and customer advisor at Bio-Strath AG, in-service training as a holistic nutritionist.

What does homeostasis mean?

The term homeostasis comes from the Greek and means equilibrium. Homeostasis is basically nothing more than the natural balance of an open system. In terms of healing science, it refers to the balance of the internal environment in the body. When the body is in harmony, one feels fit, healthy and full of energy. One could also say that homeostasis is the cornerstone of health and enables the body to self-regulate. All regulatory processes in the body have one goal, namely natural balance. Because only in this way can all functions, processes and the associated survival abilities be maintained.

But unfortunately, the balance in our body is also susceptible to disturbances. The consequences of this can be complaints of all kinds, such as fatigue, digestive problems, hair loss and even long-term illnesses. Often such complaints develop insidiously and over years. The goal should therefore be to support the body in its innate function so that the natural balance, or homeostasis, is maintained in the most diverse areas of the body. Because that is how we feel fit, healthy and efficient.

Examples of homeostatic processes in the human body.
-Sleep rhythm
-Blood sugar level
-Body temperature
-Energy production
-Hormone balance
-Blood pressure
-Acid-base balance

What unbalances the body?

Every day, people are exposed to various influences that can disturb the natural balance in the body. Stress, negative thoughts and environmental influences can negatively affect the homeostasis in the body. Our lifestyle and diet play a large and important role in this. Factors such as an unbalanced diet, nicotine, excessive alcohol consumption, medications and little exercise can put a great strain on the body's natural balance.

Strath herbal yeast

How does Strath support homeostasis in the body?

Regardless of whether you are young, old, ill, pregnant or breastfeeding, or involved in sports, the cornerstone of health is a balanced, natural diet rich in vital substances, and that is exactly where Strath comes in. Strath herbal yeast provides the basis for a healthy metabolism with 61 vital substances. The vital substances contained in the herbal yeast can be absorbed particularly well by the body. This is due to the special manufacturing process and the 100% natural ingredients. In this way, we supply our body with a concentrated load of herbal power in a natural dosage and in the right ratio to each other. Exactly as nature intended for us and as our body or intestines can best utilise and absorb. Study on herbal yeast and effect on the intestinal microbiome

The homotoxins
According to Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985), substances that harm the body are also called homotoxins (homo = human, toxin = poison). Reckeweg is the inventor of the homotoxin theory, which describes that illness is a natural process by which the body tries to heal itself again. Symptoms up to illnesses should always be perceived as warning signals of the body.
According to Reckeweg, the human body is constantly striving to compensate for such negative influences and tries to remedy possible deficits or disturbing factors by all means.

This can go well for a long time, but at some point the body's resources are exhausted and a possible imbalance can make itself felt in the form of various complaints. It is important to follow up on these complaints and to support the body as much as possible where it urgently needs it.
In short, according to Reckeweg, illness is a way for the body to find its balance again as quickly as possible in order to achieve healthy homeostasis.

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