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Strath products are also available in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores.

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Flower meadow in the Alpine foothills

Did you know?

100% natural and made in Switzerland

Of course, we don't exactly harvest our Strath products in the field, but the plants for making Strath herbal yeast very much are harvested in this way. Herbs and yeast, these are the two main players for the tried and tested Strath recipes.

Yeasts are actual mini power plants from nature and have a variety of important functions. The yeast bred especially for us is "fed" with selected herbs. Through plasmolysis, the yeast is broken down and the micronutrients it contains are made accessible. The micronutrients in Strath products therefore come naturally from the herbal yeast and are not added. We at Bio-Strath are of the opinion that the more natural a product is and has been produced, the more digestible and accessible the nutrients are for the body

"Natural" by definition means, among other things, occurring in nature. We are also very strict about this. Strath products therefore do not contain any artificial flavourings, preservatives, colourings or sweeteners.
It goes without saying that Strath products are GMO-free.

In the midst of green meadows

Local production

We are also very close to nature with the production of Strath products. The Bio-Strath company is located near Herrliberg, in the midst of green meadows. The natural Strath products are manufactured there with care and enthusiasm. Local production and the targeted selection of raw materials contribute to sustainable production.

Questions about Strath

All Strath products in tablet form (Original, Vitality, Immune, Iron) are vegan.
Strath tablets are free from animal ingredients and contain no ingredients of animal origin.

Yes, all Strath products are lactose-free.

Strath consists of a specially produced herbal yeast and has a natural yeast taste. Strath Original liquid also tastes good in fruit juices, yoghurt or in breakfast cereals.
The natural yeast taste is toned down when mixed with other foods.

Strath Original, Strath Vitality, Strath Immune and Strath Iron tablets can be swallowed whole and are rather neutral in taste.

Strath Convalescent Drops, a filtrate of Strath herbal yeast, are neutral in taste.
They are taken diluted in water or cold tea.

All Strath products are absolutely free of flavour enhancers.

We recommend a consumption period of 2-3 months.
Even as a treatment in case of increased need, the intake over a longer period of time is recommended and in any case harmless.

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