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Strath products are also available in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores.

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Jumping into the lake

Fit for the hot season

Our summer feel-good tips

Despite sunshine and warm temperatures, many people feel exhausted and tired. Often, a few simple measures help to significantly improve well-being.

Let yourself be motivated!

Just give it a try

I rely heavily on alternating showers. Cold, warm, cold, warm - that gets my circulation going.
Ardita Schneider
I make sure I get enough sleep and time for rest.
Karin, Bio-Strath AG
A balanced, fresh diet with lots of vegetables and fruit keeps me fit.
Sandra L., Bio-Strath AG
Lots of outdoor exercise, it's good for you!
Thomas, Bio-Strath AG
Massages activate the circulation and metabolism and are also pleasant.
Estelle Dubois
I like refreshing herbal teas like vervain, peppermint or lemon balm.
Evelyne, Bio-Strath AG
There simply has to be time for recreation.
Kevin, Bio-Strath AG
A jump into the cold water awakens the spirit.
Ursula, Bio-Strath AG
It helps me to do sport.
Franziska, Bio-Strath AG

Not in the mood yet?

Sound does you good

Music is certainly something for the ears first. Don't you think so? It's true - but it isn't the only thing. Music can have a beneficial effect on our well-being, activate the brain, positively influence muscle tension and stimulate the production of happy hormones. Let yourself be infected by the good mood of the Bottle Boys.

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