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Strath products are also available in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores.

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The history of Bio-Strath

How it all began

When he was young, company founder Fred Pestalozzi suffered from Meniere's syndrome - a disease of the inner ear that causes dizzy spells and whistling in the ears. By chance he came across the concentrated herbal yeast preparation of the German chemist Dr. phil. nat. Walter Strathmeyer at that time - and thanks to him he was fully able to work again after only a few months. Pestalozzi was so enthusiastic about this personal success and the many positive reports from relatives and acquaintances that he founded Bio-Strath AG in 1961.

Family business since 1961

History of Bio-Strath

Immerse yourself in the unique story of Bio-Strath.
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From 1961 to the present day

1961 Foundation of Bio-Strath AG. Introduction of Bio-Strath Restorative and Convalescent Drops.

1962 First export deliveries to Canada. Launch of Anima-Strath - restorative for animals.

1963 Free deliveries of Strath liquid to hospitals in South India for support until 2015.

1964 Production site in Herrliberg. First construction phase.

1967 Start of the second construction phase. Distributors from all over the world are involved.

1968 Film diva Gloria Swanson from Hollywood visits the production site in Herrliberg. Double-page report in England's largest daily newspaper "News of the World": 600,000 bottles are delivered across the Channel in a very short time by 12 aeroplanes.

1969 Jo Siffert, then a world-famous Formula 1 driver, is presented to the media in Herrliberg as an official Strath ambassador. Another major sporting event on Lake Zurich: the swimming marathon. Werner Hofmann, ex-Swiss champion, wins the Bio-Strath prize.

1970 Adolf Ogi, President of the Swiss Ski Federation, comes to Herrliberg. Bio-Strath AG sponsors the "Athlete of the Month" campaign.

1971 First showing of the documentary film about the life and work of Paracelsus. In collaboration with the Federal Department of Home Affairs and Bio-Strath AG.

1972 Third and final stage of construction.

1976 Launch of Strath in tablet form. Strath Original Tablets

1981 Study "Better concentration - increased performance". In a double-blind study with 60 subjects over 12 weeks, the herbal yeast group achieved an average improvement of 64% compared to the placebo group of +10%. Various studies or scientific papers follow in the next few years on the following topics: bioavailability, oncology, bone formation, ability to concentrate, immunity, ADD/ADHD, chemotherapy, osteoporosis, pregnancy/haemoglobin levels, ailments of old age etc.

1986 Second generation joins the company with David Pestalozzi. Bio-Strath celebrates its 25th anniversary.

1987 Strath tablets launched in the USA. In the same year, 137 Japanese visit the company in Herrliberg. For years, Japan has been among the top 5 distributors in terms of sales.

1990 The 3rd generation is born. Welcome Ramon Pestalozzi.

1993 State-of-the-art: the new automatic filling and packaging plant.

1994 Bio-Strath sends yeast into space on the Space Shuttle and subsequently produces a small batch of "Strath Space Herbal Yeast". This was for an ETH basic research project on yeast.

1996 65,000 people have visited the manufacturing facility in Herrliberg so far. In the same year, the launch of Equi-Strath - restorative for horses.

2001 Change of name from Bio-Strath to Strath restorative.

2007 A success story: South Africa becomes export country No. 1 and is currently the country outside Switzerland where the most units of Strath are sold.

2010 "Häsch Saft?" Collaboration with musician Bligg.

2011 For 50 years: Bio-Strath AG. 32 countries take part in the distributor meeting to mark the anniversary.

2017 Launch of Strath Vitality and Strath Immun.

2018 Since Bio-Strath was founded, we have been privileged to support many outstanding sports talents. In 2018 we supported these 4 athletes and are very proud of them! Bio-Strath Sponsoring

2020 Launch of Strath Food Supplement with Vitamin D

2022 Launch of the vegan and natural iron product - Strath Iron

2022 Collaboration with Pat Burgener, professional snowboarder, musician and video director. Learn more