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Seniors cooking

Healthy eating

Nutrition for people in their prime

The best recipe for anti-ageing is a diet that is as natural as possible, predominantly plant-based and prepared with a lot of love for oneself or others.

What to take into account

In Switzerland, the average life expectancy for women and men is well over 80 years. The fact that we live longer today than we did a few decades ago is due on the one hand to better hygiene and on the other hand to the great progress in medicine.

Unfortunately, we sometimes pay too little attention to a diet rich in vital substances and thus of good quality. Despite many achievements, we have not really become healthier. Degenerative diseases, metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes, but also heart disease, osteoporosis and cataracts are just a few of the health disorders from which people over 50 are already increasingly suffering.

Vitamin C, selenium and others

Importance of antioxidants

The ageing process is a slow degradation of all bodily functions, which happens faster or slower depending on the person. Age, as we know today, is a progressive oxidation. To slow down the process of oxidation, we need antioxidants. According to current knowledge, antioxidants include a whole range of vital substances, among others zinc, manganese, selenium, vitamins C, E, A or beta-carotene and coenzyme Q 10. A wholesome, natural diet is rich in antioxidants.

Advantages of a wholefood diet

Many of the gradual ageing processes are promoted by poor nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, little exercise, stress and lack of water. From this point of view, the best anti-aging is still a diet that is as natural as possible, rather sparse in terms of calories, predominantly plant-based and low in meat. This consists of whole grain products, legumes, vegetables, fruits and herbs, among other things. High-quality cold-pressed vegetable oils such as olive, tree nut and linseed oil are also ideal. In addition, 1 - 2 tablespoons of good honey daily and also a glass of red wine are recommended. Scientists refer to this as a Mediterranean diet, which is supposed to help us grow old healthy and fit.

Muesli with fruit

Strath restorative with Vitamin D

Valuable supplier of micronutrients

Plasmolysed herbal yeast is suitable as a sensible supplement to a healthy diet, available for example as a Strath supplement with vitamin D. Herbal yeast is a valuable supplier of micronutrients and free from artificially produced additives.
The natural raw materials used for fermented and plasmolysed herbal yeast provide 61 micronutrients, including selenium and zinc, which are present in a biological balance and can thus be optimally utilised by the body.

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