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Children harvesting carrots

Nutrition for children

Healthy and tasty

Growing children have higher energy and protein needs than adults. A seven-year-old, for example, needs about the same number of calories as his mother. However, children have delicate tastes so that meals need to be not just healthy but also tastt. Author: Erica Bänziger, certified nutritionist SVDE, cookbook author.

Balanced diet

It is also very important to have a sufficient supply of all the necessary vitamins, minerals and certain essential fats, without which the body cannot function properly. For example, omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA) are essential for healthy brain development and learning, while optimal functioning of the nerves requires B vitamins. The need for iron and zinc often increases during this phase of life, as deficiencies can show up as listlessness, fatigue and struggling with learning.

Family having breakfast at the table

Starting the day

Healthy breakfast

Food should be enjoyable and appeal to the senses with different flavours, textures and colours. The ideal way to start the day is with a hearty, healthy breakfast. This keeps blood sugar levels constant and supports good concentration. For example, a fine bircher muesli with fresh fruit and nuts is recommended. Or scrambled eggs with herbs, wholemeal bread and a few radishes. In addition to breakfast, a tablespoon of high-quality fish oil or a teaspoon of algae oil is recommended.

Keep this in mind

Carbohydrates - yes of course, just as little sugar as possible.
The best way to cover the need for carbohydrates is a moderate consumption of wholemeal products and fruit (2 portions per day), oats (e.g. in muesli) are particularly recommended. The daily 3-4 portions of fresh vegetables should not be missing from the diet.

Protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins
The increased need for protein, zinc and iron should be met by eating nuts, legumes, moderate amounts of meat or fish, poultry and eggs. If well tolerated, dairy products in moderate quantities should also form part of your healthy everyday diet.

Water is recommended as a healthy everyday drink - isolated fruit juices are less suitable because they contain a lot of fructose and too much of it has a negative effect on blood sugar levels. The same applies to sweet drinks, which should only be drunk infrequently.

The best healthy fats to use when preparing food are cold-pressed organic rapeseed or olive oil and coconut fat.

It should be remembered that eating habits in childhood shape later eating habits. According to the motto: You can't teach an old dog new tricks!


Tips for ingestion

Strath Original with vitamin D can be used as a sensible supplement to the daily diet, especially when there is an increased need, for example during growth phases Strath Food Supplement. Strath Original liquid has a natural, tart-to-sweet taste. It can be taken pure, but also tastes good in muesli or fruit juice.

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