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Natural support

Convalescence for Long Covid

Some patients recover slowly from COVID-19 infection. Cognitive functions and quality of life remain reduced in many recovered patients even after they have overcome the infection. Other symptoms include persistent fatigue and exhaustion.
Author: Bettina Hofstetter, federally qualified pharmacist, responsible for technical matters at Bio-Strath AG.

Fatigue is the medical term for chronic tiredness. It is already known from other diseases that were accompanied by prolonged intensive medical treatment. In some cases, fatigue can also accompany chronic diseases such as cancer and rheumatism or occur as a result of chemotherapy.
Those affected complain of listlessness, sleep disturbances, lack of physical and mental performance and a shifted day-night rhythm.

It is suspected that it is not the virus itself that leads to fatigue syndrome, but an inflammatory reaction caused by the virus. This results in the release of inflammatory substances in the body, which can cause prolonged inflammatory changes in practically all organs. Although the person is already healthy, inflammation still seems to be affecting the body.

After illness

Recovery takes time

The affected patients are very receptive and grateful for good support during their convalescence. Convalescence" is the period between the abatement of the main symptoms of the disease and complete recovery. During convalescence, the functions of the organism impaired by the disease are restored. In the process, it is important that the organism is brought back into balance so that body and mind can heal.

Strath Convalescence Drops

Strath convalescence drops can positively influence all parameters around mental and physical exhaustion and fatigue both after surviving acute illnesses and after chronic illnesses or during chemotherapy.

Strath Convalescence Drops

Support for mental and physical exhaustion

  1. 1 Odourless filtrate of herbal yeast
  2. 2 In practical drops
  3. 3 Sugar- and gluten-free

Authorised medicinal product
for fatigue and convalescence

Strath Convalescence drops

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Strath Convalescence drops

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